Intelligent Systems for Optimization


Intellization is a technical consulting business that has been applying and extending intelligent systems technologies for optimization in a variety of industries, including: aerospace, metals manufacturing, online advertising, and other internet. We have offered research, development, and delivery of customized software solutions since 1995.

Although we have experience applying intelligent systems technologies to applications ranging from spacecraft autonomy flight experiments on the International Space Station to control optimization for a 100-Mega-Watt arc furnace used in steelmaking, or an optimal song selection algorithm for a personalized radio station, the common threads of our work are:

·         We develop data-based models and automated data analysis systems to extract information and use it to optimize decision making.

·         We work on real problems with real data, delivering lasting value to our customers.

·         We bring a diverse array of high-end technologies and talent to each new application, and have the experience to choose the right set of tools to deliver a fast, efficient, minimally complex solution.

Customers have ranged from Fortune 100 manufacturing and aerospace companies to universities and small startups. Engagements have ranged from a few days to over a decade as a NASA specialty subcontractor. We can work either independently or integrated with your team.

For more information on our capabilities and an initial technical evaluation of your application by  Intellization founder, Dr. Edward Wilson (longer version) (linked in), please contact us.

Core Competencies:

·         Advanced data analysis

·         Algorithm development

·         Statistical model development for physical and non-physical systems

·         Estimation, Kalman filtering

·         System identification, parameter estimation

·         Anomaly detection, fault tolerance

·         Autonomy

·         Multi-terabyte data mining

·         Signal processing

·         Computational advertising

Past Work, Publications:

Although much of the work we do is proprietary to our clients, some of our research and development has led to patents, publications, presentations, and videos   (bibliographic listing). These documents provide a perspective on our experience and capabilities, although much of our work remains unpublished.

Many of our projects were developed at the NASA Ames Smart Systems Research Laboratory, within the NASA Ames Intelligent Systems Division.

Selected Customer List:

Alcoa Technical Center

Bivwak Digital Music

Caelum Research Corporation

Genetic Programming, Inc.

Lockheed Martin - Advanced Technology Center

M.I.T. Space Systems Lab

Perot Systems

QSS Group


Recom Technologies

Systems Alternatives International

Astronaut Jeff Williams conducts experiments on the International Space Station using the SPHERES experimental spacecraft, built by the MIT Space Systems Lab. Intellization developed patented spacecraft autonomy technology (FDI Patent; ID patent) and successfully validated it through 6 test sessions using the SPHERES on the ISS in 2006 and 2007.


Course Information:

E104, Dynamic Behavior, a senior-level course in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, was taught by Dr. Wilson from 1996-1999.